Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Sound Of Confusion Radio Show - 31st January 2016

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HANNAH – Star Struck  

Free download: 'As The World Turns' (album)

Safe Places – Wild Ride

Free download: 'Wild Ride'

Jacob Faurholt – Future Wife

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Yeti Lane – Good Word's Gone  

Buy: 'Good Word's Gone'

The Survivalists – Human Shell  

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Crystal Soda Cream – Rationale Arbeitsschritte

Free download: 'Rationale Arbeitsschritte'

Living Hour – Seagull

Buy: 'Living Hour' (album)

Crash Island – Animal

Buy: 'Animals'

Warriors Of The Dystotheque – Escape From Coney

Released March 4th via Tigre Fair

Jaromil Sabor – Until The End Of The World  

Buy: 'Until The End Of The World'

The Battles Of Winter – Love's White Thread

The Battles Of Winter's website

Bridge Underwater – I Don't Know

Free download: 'I Don't Know'

This Heel – Periscope Man

Free download: 'Periscope Man'

Sauropod – Edge Of A Cloud

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Tuff Love – Duke  

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Rews – Death Yawn

Rews' website

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Husky Loops - Dead

Article by Ray Brodrick

If you like pop that's grungy and spiky and that takes you to many places you're not expecting, keeping you guessing and always surprising, then you'll love Husky Loops' latest release 'Dead'. Initially it made me think of late '70s New York punk like Television, as the guitar has a Tom Verlaine quality to it, but don't be fooled as the verse builds to a crashing chorus of angst and protest, like a voice from a seance questioning if they are indeed dead. It's music for a funeral march, but joyful like they do in the deep south, although there's no peep of New Orleans jazz here, more spiky, grungy, angry greatness.  

Husky Loops describe themselves as a London-based three-piece, notorious for being fixated with unconventional pop arrangements, and this is exactly what you get as the mood changes again to a funky middle eight section not a million miles away from Talking Heads with scratchy guitar complementing the bass and drums, then into a meandering, distorted bass solo with a haunting otherworldliness to it. Don't miss your chance to get an invite to the party you're at, but don't make-DEAD!!

Husky Loops' website

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Monday, 8 February 2016

Animal City - Party City EP + Q&A

Article by KevW

"Loners, stoners, an Elvis impersonator, and a bunch of other freaks." That statement serves as an accurate introduction to the strange world of Chicago's Animal City whose 'Party City' EP sees them offer up a set of rare tracks from various sessions they've recorded in their history (although at ten tracks long this should really be considered an album rather than an EP). Sleaze and slacker vibes ooze out of every pore of this weird and wonderful collection which really sets the tone with its opening line "Will you fuck me dressed like Elvis?".

Several styles are twisted into warped shapes with loose drumming, an often lazy drawl and scruffy guitar never being far away. We're given scuzzy alt-rock on 'Wookie Mike and Sarah' and 'Water Stain', deadbeat sounds on 'Don't Gotta Guitar', a delightfully sleepy, bluesy instrumental lullaby on 'Glad Bender' and sinister undertones on 'Bad For You'. This is a dark and surreal place to be, but there are plenty of flashes of light and plenty of interesting ideas and melodies. 'Party City' is often a murky record, but very intriguing with it.

To get the inside story of 'Party City', Animal City have had a chat with, er, themselves...


HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- I walk out of my apartment and blindfold myself. I bend forward, put my head down, and spin around a baseball bat ten times really fast. So fast I’m sick. I take my blindfold off and walk back inside my apartment. There he is, on my couch in the living room, drinking one of my beers, co-founder of the traveling rock-n-roll outfit Animal City. His name is Salvatore “Chico” Cassato, and he’s smoking a cigarette I gave him mere minutes earlier. He’s who I’m here at my house to interview today, and he’s pointing an Airsoft gun in my general direction.

Salvatore: Shoot.

Dakota: Have you ever interviewed someone in your own band before?

S: No. But I guess I interview you a little bit every day. Writing songs with someone usually uncovers some funny stuff.

D: Well, I’m always asking you stupid shit.

S: And that’s great. It’s amazing how you can know someone for so long and still be getting to know them... Alright, ask me a question.

D: What are you doing here?

S: (Dustin Hoffman impression) I’m working here!

D: I think he says, “I’m walking here!”

S: In Drugstore Cowboy?

D: No, I meant what are you doing in LA?

S: We just shot a video for Animal City directed by our pal Josh Jolcover. It’s for the song “Friend in Florida” off our last LP Bump Head Go Home out on Sophomore Lounge Records. The two of us are about to do a quick tour up the coast in February, we’re making our way up to Oregon.

D: Yeah, we’re recording up in Portland with our homies Milk and Dust and the Making New Enemies crew.

S: That’s really exciting. Run me down the list, what else are we supposed to talk about?

D: The new EP that’s coming out, Party City.

S: Oh yeah, tell me about the Party City EP.

D: Party City is a collection of weirdos and orphan tracks from a bunch of different Animal City recordings we did over the years. They’re songs that didn’t make it onto any of our records, but they’re just too good to get rid of. We’re really stoked that these songs we love finally have a place to live. So this EP is really special to us.

S: Dude, I’ve thrown away so many songs. It’s crazy.

D: It happens.

S: Yeah, to me... a lot. So tell us how we get a copy of the Party City?

D: You buy it, at ANIMALCITY.BANDCAMP.COM, or you buy a CD or digital download from us in person at one of our shows.

S: You bet your ass we do.

Animal City's website

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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Steven McNamara - Wake Up Lie Down

Article by KevW

As we mentioned when reviewing 'Turn Around', the first single from ex-Formes man Steven McNamara, his solo work does carry over a little of the psychedelia that his previous band dealt in, but feels much more expansive, touching on haunting blues, dreampop and Americana with a spacious and atmospheric ear. That theme is very indicative of this debut mini-album as a whole, and the change in sound was in part inspired by a personal change of location, as McNamara moved to a rural part of Lancashire prior to recording this new material.

On no track is this dusky, ethereal and ambient direction more apparent than the woozy 'Lost in Myself', where an eerie, echoing and heavily affected vocal repeats the song's title over the top of a stop/start, looping bassline and twangs of guitar that conjure up images of a dusty desert wasteland in the twilight. The vibe remains light and floaty throughout the album, as if the music is gliding through you like the soundtrack to a particularly magical dream. It's almost at odds with some lyrics which detail "a particularly tumultuous" period of McNamara's life. 'So Low' clearly references this in its title, but it's more relaxing than sad as he sings "I lost you along the way" and this is surely down to the unhurried, uncrowded yet still quite rich production.

Title-track 'Wake Up Lie Down' is a great entry point into this surreal world (making it perfectly positioned as the opener) and a single contender due to it's mildly more accessible nature, not that any of these songs are particularly difficult. Again, the lyrics which seem to be about desolation, confusion and lack of motivation could be interpreted differently with their talk of drifting away into space and being in a new state of mind. Ghostly final track 'Voices' is filled with more of these cinematic, laid-back dynamics but is more electronic, even introducing a minimal beat into the mix of chilled psychedelia. Music written about difficult times and situations can often be filled with despair or anger, but this album is more introspective and seems to be using sonic escapism as a means to coping and moving on. So rather than angst or distress we're given a strange and calming land that's seems purpose-built for drifting away in.

Steven McNamara's website

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Night Knight – God Is A Motherfucker

Article by James Grimshaw

In the press email regarding the release of Night Knight's debut album 'God Is A Motherfucker', its frontman and lead songwriter Serafeim Giannakopoulos is described as "one of the most active musicians in the Greek underground rock scene".  A claim as bold as that usually incurs derision and an inclination to avoid – but a listen to this solo effort, with foreknowledge of his drumming duties with the notorious Planet of Zeus, led me to believe it.

'God Is A Motherfucker' touts itself as a classic rock album, parts of it filling the mandate of instant, riffy, gritty AC/DC gratification – opener 'Born Again' is a bonafide straight-up rock tune, while 'Turned Back Blues' shows its hand a little early with guitar-crunch and little else. But the album has more than a few moments of real introspection and delicate care, not to mention some monumental swerves into different genres and styles. 'Turn Back Time' is a real stand-out song and a personal favourite in this case, eschewing the precedent set by the album's outset for 'In Rainbows'-y construction and soaring instrumental mid-sections. 'Us' reminds of 'You Were A Dick'-era Idaho and 'Crystal Rivers' comprises desert-blues telecaster tone a la She Keeps Bees, and all of these tracks sit in the same palette. Often, these trend-bucking tunes show up the more classically rocky tunes of the album; its title-track doesn't offer as much by the way of dynamics or progression. The album's closer 'Set It On Fire' is another personal favourite, with humbucked warmth, fuzzed melody lines, a catchy groove and an indisputably accomplished sound that demands another listen.

Individually, or even as a full suite, there's nothing particularly "innovative" in 'God Is A Motherfucker', but this is a relief – Giannakopoulos knows the cogs and devices of each genre with which he plays, and fits them together into a perfectly functioning, at times beautiful, multiform musical machine: desert rock slotted into psych, kept churning by tender indie and all powered by an inclination to good old classic heft.

Night Knight's website

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Get Me Free #166: BANKRUPTCY - Swim For The Light

Article by Ray Brodrick

I have it on good authority that the members of BANKRUPTCY have been in no less than five previous bands and you can tell as 'Swim For The Light' washes over you with an uplifting, jaunty swagger; it's grungy pop with attitude.

The vocal reminds me of the snarl and disregard of Elvis Costello, spitting venom but in the nicest possible way. The melody is mellow but catchy, along side drums that have powerful live-sounding production with a looping drum fill pattern that never falters. Each member brings something unique to the table and the feast is rich and enchanting - lovely stuff!

BANKRUPTCY's website

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Friday, 5 February 2016

PREMIERE: Omodada All My Gods Feat. Tik Tu

Article by Soul1

Not long ago, we included the neo-psychedelic 'Kimnaty' by Ukrainian artist Omodada as the no. 2 Ukrainian release of 2015. It seems we are not the only ones to take notice of them, as a few weeks back, they signed with U.S. label Moon Sounds Records. On February 16, their new single 'All My Gods' feat. Tik Tu drops, along with an intriguing remix from Ummagma.

This 2-track release features the original track plus a fantabulous chill slowed-down remix by dreampop duo Ummagma. I admit that, upon first listen I really thought vocalist Nataly Bagriy was singing “Oh My God” and I thought “how very Valley Girl for someone from Eastern Europe” but then I realised she is actually saying “All My Gods”. It all sounds so very cool.

Omodada and Tik Tu

Omodada is the solo project of Lesik Drachuk, a multi-instrumental artist and producer, based in Ternopil, western Ukraine. He got his start as a performer in the punk-folk band Los Colorados. All three musicians involved here were also members of Echo Gardens prior to this.

Omodada and Tik Tu recorded this music at the Hootir recording studio, involving sound engineer Vadym Voznyak – quite the unique approach, since this happened far from the distractions of urban life in an abandoned village with just a few neighbours.

This track here reminds me of ‪Imogen Heap (specifically the song 'Goodnight and Go') and even her band Frou Frou before that. It begins on a really ambient note but then virtually explodes into a bliss injection you cannot deny. Well worth the wait, with vocals like a silk tablet that goes down smoothly.

The remix gets under your skin equally. Delicious. It begins on a pensive note, with sound effects such as pen writing on paper, someone drinking a cup of tea or coffee. Unlike the first, where there are basically two stages (ambient and then bliss), in this remix everything happens in multiple stages, building gradually to a climax, like good sex.

In both versions, the outstanding elements leaving a great aftertaste are, of course, clever and innovative composition, the ecstasy of Nataly Bagriy's voice (especially when she starts singing “All My Gods, they’ll see me in the end”), and the tasteful inclusion of brass here. This latter factor seems to be underlined more on the remix due to the added spatial element.

Natalya Bagriy & Roman Boshko (photo credit Trofymuk)

Expect to hear more from Omodada and Tik Tu this year. They'll be gigging and touring a bit, kicking off with a February 12 concert for Tik Tu at Kyiv's Mezzanine venue.

Omodada's website

Tik Tu's website

Ummagma's website

Buy: 'All My Gods'.

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